I have a new mild steel chassis – what do I use?

We have two options that you can pick from, depending on the type of protection and finish you would like to achieve on your paint job.

Intermediate option is our ARCFORCE DEFENDER Anti Rust Chassis Paint, that comes in two finishes: semi-gloss and gloss and we can tint to any colour of your choice.

Premium option Is the Corroless S2 primer, followed by the RF16 glass reinforced top coat that is a gloss finish coating that we can tint to any colour of your choice OR the Corroless QDR3 black glass reinforced primer finish coating (we strongly advice to do 2 coats if you decide on this product).

All above are one coat products and can be applied as such, as long as the minimum dry film thickness is achieved. If you are unsure, you can apply a second coat, ensuring the first coat has fully cured before applying the second coat.

Another option is our ARCFORCE CAMOSHIELD Anti Rust Primer – 2 coats followed by a top coat of your choice.


I have a new galvanised chassis – what do I use?

You can use all options listed above, however you must etch prime first, using any of the products below:

Etch Primer for Galvanised, Aluminium

Mordant Acid Etch T Wash for Galvanised Steel


Colour matching – how does that work?

Using a Spectrograph, that diffracts light through your paint sample, we can produce a match to your colour sample. Some practical restrictions apply- so if you would like to send us a colour sample to match to your paint, give us a call first, so we can give you technical advice at every step. There is a charge for this service.


Can I use your paints over my existing paint?

If the paint you are overcoating is xylene solvent based- yes. All our paints are solvent based and if you used it on top or under any other product (synthetic/ white spirit based, water based, oil based etc.), a reaction is likely to occur (wrinkling, peeling, not drying). If you are unsure always test a small area first.


I used your 2k paint, but I need to ‘patch up’ my work in places. What is the best / cheapest and suitable paint?

Our single pack TF95 will do this job, however, please be aware that you may not get an exact match as there are often shade differences between batches.


What are the most common application mistakes and results of wrong application?

Poor preparation of surface. Painting over grease or oil and rust. Resulting in coating delamination.

Surface contamination. Drift onto to the surface to be painted from adjacent processes.

Painting at the dew point. Moisture on the surface of the material when painted over acts as a barrier between the material and the paint causing adhesion failure. Running a finger over the surface will soon show if there is moisture on the surface.

Solvent entrapment. Second coat been applied before the first has fully cured, causing greatly extended curing times. In extreme cases and at certain times of the years this could take weeks.


What is the difference between the Corroless paint and standard anti rust paint?

Most anti corrosive primers use Zinc Phosphate corrosion inhibitors. Corroless corrosion inhibitors are unique to Corroless and have been developed and refined over 50 years. This track record means we can offer paint specifications for 5, 10, 15 and 25 years to first maintenance. Corroless products have been the go to anti corrosion solution for the offshore and petro-chemical industry for many decades.

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