We operate our washroom services from both our Morecambe and Carlisle branches covering Lancashire, North Yorkshire and Cumbria up to the Scottish Borders and the West Coast.

Many people, whilst taking a well-cared for washroom for granted, will object to one that is poorly maintained. Lack of decent handwashng facilities, minimal or nonexistent sanitary disposal facilities and poor quality toilet tissue are common problems. An entire business may be judged on an individuals perception of the available facilities.

Poor washroom facilities can also have a detrimental effect on employee morale. Employees may perceive that an inadequate or substandard washroom shows disregard for their welfare, even leading to an increase in employee absences.

Guidance on feminine hygiene disposal requirements for businesses in the UK “Sanitary waste is a controlled waste and must be disposed of under strict legislation” The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 specify that all companies are required to provide a suitable means for the disposal of sanitary dressings in ladies washrooms. The Water Industries Act 1991 also states that no items should be flushed that could cause a blockage within a sewer or drain. And in addition, the Environmental Protection Act 1990 places a legal “duty of care” upon companies to ensure that all waste produced at their premises is correctly managed right up to the point of final disposal. This also includes a responsibility to review your contractors.

Features & Benefits

With both our feminine hygiene units and nappy units, we operate a liner exchange system rather than a unit exchange. This enables us to run a fleet of new fuel efficient ford transit custom vehicles rather than trucks used by many national companies. Rather than an operative struggling through your premises carrying bins, our smart uniformed staff will unobtrusively service your washroom carrying just a modesty bag. Large companies tend to be rigid in their approach to servicing schedules. At TG we have a flexible approach and can tailor the contract to suit a customer’s individual needs. Additional service visits can be arranged at any point during the contract. Our contract is simple and transparent. We will not tie you in for years into a contract that is unsuitable for your needs.

Services we offer;

Sharps - Our sharps disposal service enables businesses to safely dispose of all medical sharps and needles.

Duo Vend and Multi Vend - Our duo vend and multi vend machines provide both staff and customers with the ability to purchase essential emergency hygiene products.

Hand Dryers -We offer either the biodryer eco or biodryer lite hand dryers. Both keep energy use to a minimum. Both models are significantly quiter than most conventional hand dryers whilst keeping energy use to a minimum.

Autofoam TG foam soap systems - We offer a choice of standard or touch-free dispensers.

Microburst and Microburst Duet - Both of these units provide a consistent fragrance that will freshen any environment. The micro molecules released with each spray provide greater coverage than traditional water based aerosols.

Biozone - Resolves odour issues without chemicals or aerosols.

• Kills 99.999% of bacteria both in the air and on surfaces

• Destroys viruses including Flu, E.Coli and salmonella.

• Removes odours at their source – does not simply mask odours

Urinal caps and discs - TG urinal caps or screens assist in eliminating or at least minimising odour potential. Both have optimised bacteria which both clean the urina‚Äčl and eliminate odours. Both can be used in conjunction with a water management system.

Cistermiser - The cistermiser IRC automatically manages the supply of water to a urinal cistern. Urinals of flush regardless of use, wasting a lot of water, especially out of hours. Installing a Cistermiser IRC valve can save on average 129,600 litres of water per year and reduce costs by up to £409 per urinal bowl.

Nappy disposal - Our units are sanitised on each service visit with a powerful virucidal cleaner that will leave the unit protected. Our TG Bambina nappy unit is a compact, modern and attractive pedal operated unit.

Bulk waste - For sites that generate large quantities of waste, we can offer a bulk waste collection service.

Sanipod classic and sanipod petite - The sanipod classic and sanipod petite present an innovative alternative to traditional sanitry units.

Feminine hygiene - Our units are sanitised on each service visit with a powerful virucidal cleaner that will leave the unit protected. The liners are anti-microbial and will kill bacteria on contact minimising any odour. Our hygiene units are available in 23l or 15l.

For more information, please contact the hygiene team on 01524 69167

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